Breakfast Burrito at Annapurna Chai House

When my friend suggested we meet at the Annapurna near UNM at 8 a.m., I was surprised. I didn’t even know the place was open before lunch. Turns out it opens at 7:00 for desperate early-morning chai fixes.

Our menu choices were very limited – apparently more options come online at 9:00 – but included a breakfast burrito. I had checked out the menu online the night before (you all read the menu of everyplace before you go too, right?) and the breakfast burrito description was intriguing: a chapati stuffed with tofu and masala fries, smothered with green chile. I dithered briefly – I really wasn’t that hungry – but curiosity overcame discretion. I ordered the burrito, and chose feta from several possible cheese options.
It took about ten minutes for the burrito to emerge (as I had been told it would), leaving me plenty of time to work in my bottomless mug of yummy milk chai. When my breakfast did appear, I think I might have gasped at its glory. The thing was enormous, and gorgeous on its oval plate with its crown of pico de gallo.

Of course, what really matters is flavor, and I wasn’t disappointed. The introduction of Indian spices to this quintessential New Mexican food really worked, lacing the burrito with a subtly exotic flavor. The heat level was just right, seeming very mild at first taste but building to a perfect warm tingle. A touch of cilantro added freshness. I highly recommend the feta, which contributed a brawny saltiness that punched up the other flavors wonderfully.
If you’re looking for a unique twist on breakfast, definitely give Annapurna’s breakfast burrito a try. At 8 bucks, it’s not the cheapest burrito in town, but it’s large enough to serve two. 
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